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What is UX Designer and Why is it so important for India?


So far in 2019, India has been the hub of UX designers below are the key points we would like to tell you and TOP Ux Designer in India list.

Ux designer in india


What is UX?

UX is an abbreviation for User Experience which is an anticipation of how a person feels while using any digital interface.

It can be a website, software or any application.

How is it designed?

Best user experience is designed keeping mind that any user should be able to interact with it successfully and for that following points are considered:

Knowing the audience 

First and the foremost point is to know what audience is interface targeting.

For these demographics (age, location, and status), behavioural traits and motives should be estimated deeply.

This will help to anticipate what a user will perceive while using it hence aiding to create a well-designed User Experience.


A good survey could lead to a better-designed interface.

Skim through the target audience and collect their views regarding the product and note down what they feel, what are the missing elements and what things they liked the most.

By the results, you can construct a better, user-friendly interface.

Site Maps

Deduce out site maps for the website to observe user activity.

A sitemap is a plainly sorted out chain of command of the considerable number of pages and subpages inside your site.

It is very much effective as it will help exclude any bad tools or pages which will increase the optimization of your interface.

Wire Framing

Visuals are one of the essential important in a page so it is really important to create wireframes which are visual aids that speak to the skeletal structure of an item and give a review of your item’s look and feel.


After setting wireframes, generate a final look prototype before launch. And run a detailed analyzed test.

Well tested Interface

After critically analyzing the audience, the interface should be designed according to the data collected and keep tested to see how optimum results are obtained.

One of the best tools to test it is Google’s optimize the platform.

Style tiles

Style Tiles is an element that gives a chic look to your interface with the layout of buttons, font sizes, colours and page layout which ensures a better and smooth interaction.

One of the best UX designer hubs is in India. India is a leading country that is developing in every niche with a boost and some of the great web developers reside here. Some of the best UX designer companies in India are: – UX Designers in India is one of the leading company with the best UX designers in India that provides best services to design the best User experiences for your product so that you can have better communication and interfacing for your customers.

Some other good UX companies are as follows:

Hence it is high time to stop thinking and start acting towards a better future of your web developments by creating a better user experience.

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